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말기 환자에 대한 한국형 의료적 의사결정 체계 구축을 위한 델파이연구*

조계화1, 안경주2, 김균무3,*
Kae Hwa Jo1, Gyeong Ju An2, Gyun Moo Kim3,*
1대구가톨릭대학교 간호대학
2청주대학교 간호대학
3고신대학교복음병원 응급의학교실
1Professor, College of Nursing, Catholic University of Daegu
2Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, Cheongju University
3Kosin University Gospel Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine
*교신저자: 김균무. 고신대학교 복음병원 응급의학교실. 051-990-6881. oasisking@paran.com

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Received: Apr 29, 2011; Accepted: Jun 15, 2011

Published Online: Jun 30, 2011


Purpose: The purposes of this study were to identify future changes that may affect medical decision-making and to suggest future directions for the medical decision-making system in Korea.

Methods: This study conducted Delphi surveys and in-depth group interviews with physicians and nurses working in two different university hospitals in Daegu and Busan.

Results: The collected data suggest that the current medical decision-making system needs to be more clearly defined in accordance with clinical applications. The findings from professional group interviews suggest that the Korean government may need to regulate economic conditions in order to facilitate medical decision-making in the near future as hospital environments change and grow.

Conclusion: The results of this study may help healthcare professionals working at various crisis settings to understand and apply decision-making systems in the context of end-of-life medical care. The future directions were proposed that national standard setting and financial support, hospital ethics committee constitution, nationwide information for social consensus, strengthening the education of health professionals.

Keywords: 의사결정; 델파이 연구; 말기 치료
Keywords: decision-making; delphi technique; terminal care