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Korean Journal of Medical Ethics. Vol. 12, No. 2, 2009

The Current Debates and Social Trends Regarding Euthanasia and the Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Treatment in Korea
안락사와 연명치료중단에 관한 우리나라의 최근 동향*
Korean J Med Ethics 2009;12(2):127-142.
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Killing or Letting Die? On the Intended Act of Anticipating Death
죽임(Töten)과 죽게 내버려둠(Sterbenlassen): 죽음을 감수하는 의도적인 행위에 관해
Korean J Med Ethics 2009;12(2):143-152.
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A Patient’s Right to Know and Self-Determination
환자의 알권리와 자기결정*
Korean J Med Ethics 2009;12(2):153-164.
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Legal Issues Concerning the Competence of Minors in Clinical Investigation
임상시험 법률관계에서 미성년자 동의능력의 문제*
Korean J Med Ethics 2009;12(2):165-176.
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The Efficacy of Ethics Education on the Moral Judgment of Nursing Students
간호학생의 도덕 판단력에 관한 윤리교육의 효과
Korean J Med Ethics 2009;12(2):177-188.
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Ethical Aspects of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
보완대체의학의 윤리적 성찰*
Korean J Med Ethics 2009;12(2):189-198.
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