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Originality, authorship and publication ethics

1. I confirm that this manuscript is original and is not currently under consideration for publication by any other scientific journal.

2. I confirm that no part of this manuscript is duplicated or violates the copyright of others.

3. I attest that I have made an important scientific contribution to the study and have assisted with the drafting or revising of the manuscript in accordance with the definition of an author.

4. I fully agree with the data and the conclusions presented in the final manuscript.

5. I declare that I conform to the publication and research ethics.

Copyright assignment agreement

I hereby assign all rights, including but not limited to the copyright, for this manuscript to the journal upon its acceptance for publication, and that the journal has the right to publish, republish, transmit, sell and distribute them in the journal or other media.

Potential conflict of interest disclosure

We declare that potential conflicts of interest for all Authors, or acknowledgment that no conflicts exist, are included in the manuscript. Disclosures include financial support for this study, consultation fee and stocks and relationships with a company whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the manuscript. All authors agreed to the terms outlined in this document and approved the submission of this manuscript for publication.

[특집 논문] 필수의료의 위기와 의학전문직업성

2023년 12월 호(12월 31일 발행)에서는 특집호를 계획하고 있으며, 특집논문(필수의료의 위기와 의학전문직업성)에 대한 논평을 받고 있습니다.

특집논문에 대한 논평을 작성하시고자 하는 선생님께서는 논평자의 학문적 지견과 관점을 담아 특집논문을 논평해 주시기 바랍니다.

*특집논문의 전체 본문은 아래의 링크에서 다운로드 가능합니다.

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