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Korean Journal of Medical Ethics. Vol. 21, No. 2, 2018

Using a Health Care Proxy to Overcome Limitations of the Act on Decisions on Life-sustaining Treatment*
연명의료결정법의 한계를 극복하기 위한대리인 지정제도 도입방안 모색*
Korean J Med Ethics 2018;21(2):95-113.
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Developing Policy for Life Sustaining Treatment Decision for Patient without Surrogat*
무연고자의 연명의료결정: 제도적 관점에서*
Korean J Med Ethics 2018;21(2):114-128.
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Should Abortion Be Decriminalized in Korea?
Korean J Med Ethics 2018;21(2):129-142.
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The Search for a Moral Metaphysics in Artificial Intelligence Robot Medicine: The Responsibility of an Electronic Human in Medicine*
인공지능로봇의료의 도덕형이상학적 모색: 의료적 전자인간의 책임가능성*
Korean J Med Ethics 2018;21(2):143-156.
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