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Korean Journal of Medical Ethics. Vol. 25, No. 4, 2022

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Legislation concerning Physician-assisted Suicide in Korea
우리 사회의 의사조력자살 법제화
Korean J Med Ethics 2022;25(4):313-323.
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‘우리 사회의 의사조력자살 법제화’에 대한 논평
An Examination of Physician-assisted Suicide Policies in Several Countries
외국의 조력존엄사 현황을 통해 살펴본 국내 호스피스·완화의료의 개선점
Korean J Med Ethics 2022;25(4):325-329.
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Exodus from Undignified Dying in Hospital
무엇으로부터의 EXODUS인가?
Korean J Med Ethics 2022;25(4):331-339.
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The Right to Die with Dignity and Physician-assisted Suicide
존엄하게 죽을 권리와 의사조력자살
Korean J Med Ethics 2022;25(4):341-346.
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Now is Not the Time for Physician-assisted Suicide
‘조력존엄사법’, 아직은 그때가 아니다
Korean J Med Ethics 2022;25(4):347-351.
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A Prerequisite for Social Consensus: Knowing What We Do not Know
사회적 합의를 위하여 우선 필요한 것: 무엇을 모르고 있는지 아는 것
Korean J Med Ethics 2022;25(4):353-359.
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Medical Care that Embodies Human Dignity at the End of Life
생애말기 인간의 존엄성이 구현되는 돌봄의 방향
Korean J Med Ethics 2022;25(4):361-366.
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Ethical Issues with Physician-assisted Suicide in South Korea
의사조력자살을 둘러싼 윤리적 쟁점: ‘조력존엄사’ 개정안을 중심으로
Korean J Med Ethics 2022;25(4):367-385.
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What Is Needed Prior to Respect for Self-determination: Reflections on Physician-assisted Suicide and the Withholding or Withdrawal of Life-sustaining Treatment
자기결정권 존중을 위해 선행해야 하는 것들: 의사조력자살과 연명의료 유보나 중단과 관련하여
Korean J Med Ethics 2022;25(4):387-403.
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