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Korean Journal of Medical Ethics. Vol. 13, No. 4, 2010

Casuistical Deliberation in Medical Ethics Consultation
의료윤리 의사결정 방법론으로써 결의론의 가능성*
Korean J Med Ethics 2010;13(4):281-292.
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The Use of Chaperones in Clinical Practice
의료영역에서의 샤프롱(Chaperone)제도
Korean J Med Ethics 2010;13(4):293-303.
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Predictive Factors Affecting the Preferences for Care Near the End of Life among Nurses and Physicians
간호사와 의사의 임종치료선호도 점수에 영향을 미치는 예측요인*
Korean J Med Ethics 2010;13(4):305-320.
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Moral Sensitivity and Moral Distress among Korean Hospital Nurses
병원 간호사의 도덕적 민감성과 도덕적 고뇌*
Korean J Med Ethics 2010;13(4):321-336.
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The Implementation and Effect of Ethics Education on Researchers Working in the Field of Xenotransplantation
이종이식연구자 대상 윤리교육의 시행과 그 효과에 관한 고찰*
Korean J Med Ethics 2010;13(4):337-349.
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