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Korean Journal of Medical Ethics. Vol. 20, No. 3, 2017

A Critical Study of the Arguments for and against a Moratorium on Glivec*
글리벡 급여정지를 둘러싼 찬반논쟁에 대한 비판적 고찰*
Korean J Med Ethics 2017;20(3):257-275.
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Comparison of the Death Anxiety and Preferences for Care Near the End of Life between Nurses and Physicians*
간호사와 의사의 죽음불안과 임종치료 선호도*
Korean J Med Ethics 2017;20(3):276-286.
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Knowledge and Attitudes of Social Behavioral Researchers on Institutional Review Board (IRB) Reviews*
사회행동과학 분야 연구자의 기관생명윤리위원회 심의에 대한 지식과 태도*
Korean J Med Ethics 2017;20(3):287-304.
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The Current Status and Consideration for Nursing Ethics Education in South Korea
한국 간호윤리교육의 현황 및 고찰
Korean J Med Ethics 2017;20(3):305-316.
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The Relationships between Moral Self-Concept, Ethical Sensitivity, and Empathy in College Students*
일 대학 대학생의 도덕적 자아개념, 윤리적 민감성과 공감능력 간의 관계*
Korean J Med Ethics 2017;20(3):317-329.
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