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Korean Journal of Medical Ethics. Vol. 22, No. 4, 2019

Core Competencies for Clinical Ethics Support Services*
임상윤리서비스를 위한 핵심역량*
Korean J Med Ethics 2019;22(4):309-320.
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Does the Disclosure of Patient Safety Incidents Satisfy Those Who Have Been Harmed?
환자안전사건을 겪은 일반인들은 경험한 환자안전사건 소통하기에 만족할 수 있을까?*
Korean J Med Ethics 2019;22(4):321-340.
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An Explanatory Model of Moral Courage as a Concept of Nursing Practice Domain*
간호실무 영역 개념으로서 도덕적 용기에 대한 설명모델*
Korean J Med Ethics 2019;22(4):341-358.
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