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Korean Journal of Medical Ethics. Vol. 6, No. 2, 2003

The Key Contents of the KMA's Code of Medical Ethics and Proposals for Its Implementation
의사윤리지침의 주요내용과 실천 방안*1)
Korean J Med Ethics 2003;6(2):1-20.
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Ethical Problems of Pre-implantation Diagnosis
착상전진단의 윤리적 문제점들*
Korean J Med Ethics 2003;6(2):21-35.
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A Survey of Korean Students' perception of a School of Dentistry toward the Dental Ethics
일부 치과대학생들의 치과윤리에 관한 의식조사*
Korean J Med Ethics 2003;6(2):37-45.
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The Usefulness and Binding Feature of Code of Doctor's Ethics
의사윤리지침의 유용성, 한계, 구속성
Korean J Med Ethics 2003;6(2):46-59.
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Human Organs, The Policy of the United States and Its Ethical Background
장기이식에 관한 법률과 윤리 - 미국의 수여정책을 중심으로*
Korean J Med Ethics 2003;6(2):60-80.
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Nursing students' attitude toward elderly
간호대학생의 노인에 대한 태도 연구
Korean J Med Ethics 2003;6(2):81-91.
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Challenges for Medical Ethics Pedagogy in Korea
Korean J Med Ethics 2003;6(2):92-98.
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